Something Beautiful: Fearless


If I'm being completely honest, this post almost didn't happen. I've had an entire month to think about this word, fearless, how it relates to my life, and how I can express it with my art. This has definitely been a challenge for me.

There are only two things that kept coming up when I would think of the word fearless. I don't feel fearless on my own. Two things have allowed me to not worry about the future, feel empowered, bold, and courageous. To step out of my comfort zone.

The first: My faith.

The first half of my life was spent drowned in unhappy tears, worrying about the future, and asking the question "why me?". Somewhere along the way, I found hope and I haven't looked back. Does fear try to creep up and rear it's ugly head? Of course it does. But when that happens, I just remember "whatever my lot, thou has taught me to say, it is well." 


The second: My Family

I don't have a lot of words to describe it. Ever since I've had them in my life, it seems no task is too hard,  no dream is too big. 


My lovely friend, Britney ,and I created this project, Something Beautiful, where we will take everything we are and embrace it. We are excited to have some other artists participate with us. Continue the loop to see what these lovely ladies have to say about being fearless. Here's Britney's!