Letters to Our Children: March


           I’ve shared this story with you before. I will share it again here so that you will always have it. After Jasmine was born, I felt like my life was complete. I had 2 sons and finally a daughter. There were no more plans for having another child. Needless to say when I found out that I was pregnant with you it was definitely a big surprise. I have to honestly say that I wasn’t exactly excited. But I soon got over that as you continued to grow in my belly. With all of your siblings, as soon as I found out that I was pregnant, I pretty much knew what their names were going to be. This wasn’t the case with you. I was well into my 6th month of pregnancy and I just couldn't think of a name for you. One day I decided that I absolutely needed to choose a name for you. I sat down with pen and paper and started writing. About three names later, I wrote down Moryah. I thought “this is it. I don’t know why but this is the one.”. I yelled in the kitchen at your dad and told him that I had it. He replied “Mariah? Like the singer? No not Mariah”. I emphatically said NO! Not Mariah like the singer. It’s Moryah! MORE-EYE-UH! He didn’t hear the difference. I did. I wondered what Moryah meant. I googled your name and I can’t say that I was surprised by the results that I found. I may have thought that I wasn’t ready for you. I may have thought that I was done having children of my own. In that moment I was reminded that this is His story not mine. His plans not my own. After researching your name, I found that Moryah means “chosen by God”. And that you are indeed my love. You have been such a blessing to this family. Your personality is like no other. You’re so full of life and you inspire me to do great things….because you only see greatness for yourself.  With you things aren’t a matter of whether or not you can. They are just a matter of when. I admire that about you so much! My prayer for you is that you will always have this confidence about you. I pray that you will always be secure in who you are. There's no doubt in my mind that you were chosen for me...Chosen by God!

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