Over the weekend the kids and I drove to Austin to celebrate the father of one my closest friends. He was a brilliant, funny, kind man. I can only hope to live the type of life that he did. The sky was the limit for him. Sandy was an engineer for over 20 years and then a lawyer for another 20+ years. He's traveled the world and spoken many languages. He was a many of many passions. Two of those passions were coffee and photography. He never did anything small. It was always go big or go home. His passion for coffee turned into owning a coffee shop after retirement. Before meeting Sandy, I didn't even drink coffee. You could not be around Sandy without hearing about all the different types of coffee and having an espresso from his in home professional espresso machine. He was always trying to get me to stick with espresso but they were too much for me. I always got my cappuccino but not without a lecture. :-) There wasn't much that Sandy didn't know about. He could relate to so many people on so many different levels. He loved trying new things and different foods and always wanted the best of the best. Sandy had a lifelong love for photography. It was second to coffee. He didn't make a career out of it, but he was an extreme hobbyist. He learned as much as could for as long as he could about photography. And like I said, he had to have the best of the best. The amount of photography gear that he purchased and treasured for so many years is phenomenal. He enjoyed showing me all of his photography gear and blessed me with many great things while he was here. When he passed, his wife and dear daughter told me they wanted me to have his photography gear. This was such an overwhelming feeling. They refused to let me say no. After going through boxes and drawers of photography stuff I have come home with FIVE, yes I said FIVE and and digital....and this is just the cameras. There's tripods, studio lighting, and so much more. This is just what was in there home. There's still a storage to go through. I'm beyond excited to see and share Sandy's legacy. I will miss sitting at the desk and listening to classical music with him. Sometimes we would sit for an hour while he introduced new artists to me. I will miss watching Mickey cartoons with you. Mickey was his superhero. When he passed he was wearing a Mickey shirt I bought him. I will miss his coffee. I will miss his funny stories and hearing about his life. I will miss sharing our love for photography. But I look forward to keeping his memory alive and making him proud. I love you Sandy.