11 years and 2 months

That's how long I've been loving you and you loving me. Yesterday you spoke words that hold this true. There wasn't anything extra special about this day. It wasn't our anniversary. It wasn't my birthday. It was just an ordinary day. As we lay across the bed, me on my phone and you on yours. You were searching workout plans. You don't look up from your phone. You didn't grab me by the hand and look deep into my eyes as love songs play in the background. You keep on searching. The kids keep coming in and out, saying random things. And without ever looking up you say "I know I love you because I feel empty when we aren't together." I pause from what I'm doing and I just watch you. You still haven't looked up from what you're doing. You continue talking about workout plans. The kids still continue to interrupt. And I just watch you. And I know that this is sincerity in it's purest form. Right here in the midst of the mundane. This is what it's all about....Still...11 years in...and I pray that in 11 years you still feel the same....And of course I had to snap a picture to go with the moment... ;-)